I woke the other morning with the knowledge that I felt compelled to write about intuition and faith.  And so I did.  And since that morning a few days ago, I have come across at least three different media sources writing about Intuition this month as well.  Odd.  I must have “just known” what this month would bring!

So, at the risk of being trite, I will share my thoughts around Intuition.  Third Eye.  Gut Feeling. I just know.  Instinct. Faith Hunch. Inner Wisdom.  Deep Sense of Self. Awareness.  6th Sense. Mindfulness.  Guardian Angels.  A gentle Whisper. God’s Peace to me.

Einstein is quoted as saying, “the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”  Our ability to sense rather than think logically in a situation is worthy of attention.  And is an ability (scientists have researched) that can be developed through time spent in developing ourselves.

My younger self knew I had no “gut instinct”.  And as I have have grown and dedicated daily time spent focused on personal growth and development, my inner wisdom has grown.  Sometimes I refer to my instincts as my “super powers”.  In business, I “just know” when a client needs to hear from me.  In my personal life, I am mindful and aware of how I choose to spend my time – when I choose well, I am at peace.  And when I don’t, my mind and body react with anxiety and worry.

Self awareness/Personal development is a journey – not a destination (I know, this is trite, as well)….by using a small amount of time each day focused on yourself, you will begin to feel the benefits of that deep sense of self that enables you to “just know” the right thing to do…without scrutinizing each outcome through logic.

Buy yourself some peace with only the cost of a bit of time…be intentional about YOU.

Intentionally yours,