Vision and Action as members of IREM community and housing providers

May 24, 2022 0

At the IREM Global Summit in Ft. Lauderdale a few years ago, I spent some amazing quality time with other IREM members.  As we shared stories of our professional lives, I spoke of having a dream.  Yes, I developed my “I have a dream!” speech.

My dream?  To shift the profession of Property Management from a profit only centric profession to one that is equally as human centric. To develop leaders in our industry to care about our teams, our clients, and our renters and tenants as highly as our predecessors have cared about their profits and their egos.  A popular observation?  No, I am sure not.  And as we look at business from a historical perspective, not just property management, that was where the rubber met the road.

Maxwell and Teaching

Later the same year I attended a week long Leadership Development immersion with the John Maxwell Team where I earned a certification in Coaching, Speaking, and Training.  I developed a hunger for personal and leadership growth and development that excites me every single day.

To that end, I offer Master Mind Groups to emerging (and experienced!) leaders in Property Management as we study books written by John C. Maxwell.  Books such as “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”, “Failing Forward”, “Leadershift”, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect”, and “Developing the Leader Within”.  My personal growth and development has made me a better leader within my organization, for IREM, and for the property management industry at large.

I currently serve in my second term as the President of the Southern California Rental Housing Association where I have been a member for more than 20 years.  I am the Immediate Past President of IREM San Diego where I served two terms as President (2019 and 2020).   I serve on the IREM Ethics Committee, as an IREM Instructor, and an Ethics Facilitator.  I have served the REstart® program since its inception in 1999 .  REstart® is a training and development program that empowers situationally disadvantaged individuals to a new start by teaching them a version of RES201 that was written for this audience by amazing individuals at IREM HQ.

I am a National Apartment Association Facilitator and teach classes for CAM®, CAPS®, and CALP®.



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