Henry Ford said:
“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

An impactful instructor, Lucinda is passionate about teaching and training. She combines both distinctions to teach the theory behind the concepts AND the practical ability to apply what is learned to daily work activities.

In teaching, Lucinda provides broad focus and imparts new knowledge to enrich a student’s mind. Teaching is a process of shaping one’s way of thinking and doing things by providing necessary guidance and instruction. Lucinda is able to share her knowledge, experience, and abilities with an aim to cause positive change in understanding of how the subject matter applies in a student’s life.

Teaching is usually broader in focus than training. Theory is taught, whereas training is the practical application of theoretical knowledge. Also, teaching seeks to impart new knowledge while training equips the already knowledgeable with tools and techniques to develop a specific skill set. One of teaching’s goals is to enrich the mind while training’s end is to mold habits or performance. Teaching is usually within the context of the academic world while training is generally associated with the commercial realm. Another difference is found between thought and action. Generally, teaching deals with a subject or topic, while training deals with a duty or function. Further, teachers give students feedback on the quality of their work, while trainers receive feedback from their trainees on the quality of instruction.

Training refers to providing guidance, instructions and coaching to someone, in order to impart skills and knowledge to an intended level, for a specific purpose. Training is provided by an expert in the respective field. The trainees acquire knowledge, sharpen their professional skills, improve their attitudes and competencies, to perform well in the tasks assigned.
It aims at improving one’s potential, productivity, efficiency and competency in doing tasks or to help him/her in attaining the desired level of knowledge.

Teaching and training work together. If someone has the book learned and theoretical knowledge required to thrive in a position, or at a function, he or she will no doubt need some kind of skill-set training at one point or another to play out what has been learned. Additionally, it will always be enhanced when a deeper, longer-term knowledge is continually sought and acquired. Finding a balance between the two creates a person who not only can understand and perform but also can contribute, invent and lead.

We offer the following:


  • Member, National Apartment Association Faculty
  • Certified Apartment Leasing Professional
  • Certified Apartment Manager
  • Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor
  • Institute of Real Estate Management Ethics Facilitator
  • Institute of Real Estate Management Instructor, FIN402


  • Appfolio Property Management Platform use
  • Resident management
  • Supplier management
  • Owner management
  • Application of accounting functions
  • Communication for Connection
  • Fair Housing concepts for practical use in management
  • Leasing
  • Leadership
  • Managing others
  • Property Inspection concepts
  • Risk Management
  • Mastermind Groups:  Personal Growth and Development, Leadership Growth and Development
  • Intentionality, Self Management and Direction


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