Leading yourself emotionally

January 18, 2021 0

We are in our third week of 2021.  The pandemic continues.  Social unrest continues.  Finger pointing and blaming and shaming continue.  How are you navigating? How are you spending your time? How are you leading yourself emotionally?

Time is malleable.  It can be measured and it can be observed to fit whatever we want into it….sleeping, eating, working, participating in social media, drinking, exercising, reading, working on a hobby, immersing ourselves into the news on TV?   Which of the activities that you choose to spend your time serve you?  To be clear, they each serve you…in one way or another. Are you aware of how each serves you – positively or negatively?

In his book, “Help! I work with People”, Author Chad Veach discusses a leader’s need to identify and lead one’s emotions.  “In order to control your emotions, you need to first identify them and then be INTENTIONAL about leading them rather than following them.”  As John Maxwell has said, the most difficult person to lead is oneself.  So where do you start?

Be an observer and witness how your time spent makes you feel.  When you are “enjoying” social media – are you really enjoying it?  Or are you experiencing increasing anxiety?  When you watch the news…are you engaged and learning?  or are you fearful and withdrawing?  When you are eating — are you eating for sustenance or are you eating for comfort?  How much of your time are you spending completely unaware of how you are feeling while you are spending your time?

As an observer, you have the ability to witness first hand how you respond to the world around you.  I might suggest you keep a mini-journal about what you observe.  Keep track for a few days and then go back and review.  What caused you the most pain?  What caused you the most pleasure?  What do you want to experience more?  How do you replicate what you desire?  How do you avoid what you dislike?

Growth is a desire to develop the mental and emotional fortitude to successfully lead yourself — and others!  Understanding the triggers that affect your emotions and choosing to lead your emotions rather than following them is a great step in personal growth.  To self evaluate and lead yourself on how you spend your time is a gold mine.

How are you leading yourself Emotionally?

Reflect on how you are feeling right now.  Have I triggered something inside you that compels you to action?  Or is this something you will just scan and scroll past because of all of the other input you are receiving?  Our time is valuable.  Our intentions are valuable.  Our world and our ability to shift and change it is valuable.  What we do is seen…but our children, by our grandchildren.  What they see, they will carry forward.  Choose your time and your leadership well.

Should you find yourself in need of assistance in finding your triggers and your stepping stones to growth and self leadership, ask for help!  Find a therapist, a clergy person, or a coach (depending on your need) and don’t be afraid.  Sometimes, the pain of staying where you are far outweighs the fear of doing something new. Feel the fear and do it anyway.  Remember, courage is not the absence of fear – it is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  Take it from someone who has been there — afraid of everything.  Don’t let yourself hide – reach out.  Find your roar!!!

For more information about Personal Growth and Development, please see my book recommendation:  “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth“, by Dr. John C. Maxwell – want to study it together?  Message me!  We will set up a Master Mind Group to discuss!

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